A little light..

I am super stoked about this Little Window. I’ve been working on her for a long while. The little figure was something from my Aunt’s. She is hanging out in a bespoke shea butter tin. The moon is an antique carved shell button; the small frame was on an icon I picked up somewhere; and the rest is just craft fluff.

I’ve been mulling over and over what she was gonna look like. I thought seed beads rain drops. I knew I wanted a garden at night, in the rain. But she really just came together a few weeks ago. Once I split the moon, the rest just fell into place.

Think “I wandered lonely as a cloud” set in a moist rose garden. She is lost in her thoughts. It’s melancholy, intentionally.

I love how she turned out. I have a few more edits to make, but I am happy to introduce, Moondance, or maybe Mandy Moondance….?

Holding on to Hope

After the baby jails I had to disconnect. I’d already had one breakdown this year, let us not court another. SO I have had to unplug a bit more.  Which is hard, because it is very easy to not pay attention, in an effort to avoid the subsequent ennui.   I’ve read this article a few times now, and it is very validating (I am also seeing a therapist. She is awesome.), because the existential fear  is really real.  There is about half a country drowning in it right now. There are ways to help yourself, and others, endure. Thank you to Johnathon Foiles for your encouraging article How to Hold on to Hope

Making the “…crap into credible*”

I started making tiny shrines a few years ago. I have been a found item pack rack for a while, not a full on horder, mind you, I am very particular in what I salvage. Weathered nuts and bolts; odd bits of metal; springs; tiny things – cars, babies, doll parts…
These things are casts offs. Sometimes intentional, sometimes accidental but all things that were once part of something else. So I make them part of something  new, again.

This was my first shrine. I made it about four years ago.  It’s rough and my Mom thought it was a bit sacrilegious. The Baby Jesus came out of a King Cake from Mardi Gras one year.  Seems more so to just throw it away, in my opinion.

Initially, I intended my shrines to be a way of honoring other religions, recognizing the beauty and the sacred, present in even little cast off bits.
I have since reconsidered the project, and am calling them Petites Fenêtres or “little windows” it suits them better. They aren’t restricted in what they are trying to accomplish- which is simply to appreciate an alternative view.

*Edina Monsoon

Thank you MC Yogi; Oh yeah, Gandhi too.

As we struggle to get our day on track today- we are listening to MC Yogi, and stopping for deep belly breaths. When feels like the world is coming apart at the seams, sometimes your spirit needs music. It soothes the savage right?  So I’m sitting on my back porch, listening to the birds chant along to MC Yogi

“It takes more strength and faith to be kind.”
It can be so hard. When you feel enraged and like the only solution is to go Hulk- it is always better to stop, take a breath, and allow those hormones to dissipate a bit.
The purpose of a mantra is to give our very verbal brains something to latch on to- something to focus on.  They are usually prayers, or prayer-like anyway.
But I like to think, music, by nature is a force “focuser”, and that when we consciously put our attention to music, we get the added benefit of a kind of waking meditation. Find something to listen to.  Try this:

Once upon a time not long ago
there was a boy who would grow & become a great soul
he lived in India and his name was Gandhi
he believed in human rights & he felt so
that he made a vow to train himself
because he realized first he’d have to
change himself
he changed his clothes & decided to walk
some days he practiced
silence and refused to talk
when he was young he studied to be a lawyer 
and then he became a great spiritual warrior
he read from the scriptures of every religion
came to the realization that we’re all God’s children
because he understood that we’re all equal he became a spokesman for the people
a karma yogi devoted to service to spread truth & peace was his purpose
Be the change that you wanna see / in the world, just like Gandhi
Gandhi dedicated his life to the cause
even when it meant breaking unjust laws
he often faced prison and incarceration
but that only strengthened his determination
he said he would make every sacrifice
but that he would never kill or take a life
he used his heart instead of his fist
and he taught non-violence as the way to resist
a peaceful soldier who used his mind
to fight for the rights of human kind
but not just people, animals too 
and his basic teaching “God is Truth”
he joined Muslims, Sikhs, & Hindus Christians, Buddhists, Jains, and Jews
all the many paths that lead into
the light that shines bright inside of me and you
Be the change that you wanna see
in the world, just like Gandhi
“An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind”
and it takes more strength and faith to be kind
with that in mind Gandhi took a stand
against the foreign occupation of his land
when things got violent Gandhi would fast
not eating for days until the riots would pass
but the biggest event that made the British halt
is when Gandhi-ji decided to harvest salt
the British empire installed a salt tax
and stealing salt was an unlawful act
so Gandhi and his peeps, took the streets 
ten thousand deep they marched to the beach
but when they arrived they were beaten with clubs
but they didn’t fight back
instead they chose love
the British military realized they were wrong
and eventually decided to go back home
you see, Gandhi-ji was a very great leader
but before all that he was shy & meager
as a young child he was just like you and me
before he became Mahatma Gandhi
the word “Mahatma” it means great soul 
and its inside of us just waiting to unfold
if you follow your heart and act real bold 
next time it’ll be your story that’s told!
Be the change that you wanna see in the world,
just like Gandhi

It is HARD to turn the other cheek, and remove the speck and all that. But that is sort of the point. If it was easy, and effortless, there would be no focus. There would be no intent. And if you know me, you know, it is all about the intent. Everything.
Nevertheless, we trudge ahead. I truly hope, for all our sakes, we can choose love.

Here is a little lite reading to accompany MC Yogi.
Finding the Strength to be Kind 

Geared up for our mini-break!

Port-Townsend-Washington.jpgDouglas and I are taking off tomorrow for a mini-break in picturesque  Port Townsend, Washington (PT).  Port Townsend was the town we visited during our honeymoon (2016), when we first verbalized and conceptualized the idea of relocating to the Pacific Northwest.

This is a very much needed break for both of us, and we can not wait to get there and allow the unwinding to commence. This weekend is also the 7th Annual Brass Screw Confederacy’s Steampunk festival! I can’t imagine a more charming town to visit for such an event.  Good times and pictures are soon to follow.


Kestrel on the Kitsap…

Kestrel Communications has migrated from the Denver, Colorado region to the Pacific Northwest. Following a relocation and sabbatical in 2017, Douglas and Rebecca Cramer are now actively developing opportunities to be of service to the communities of the thriving Kitsap Peninsula in the West Puget Sound region of Washington, with wild woodsy Olympic National Park to the west and Seattle a ferry ride to the east…

Art input requested…

I am making “art bells” basically I am recycling found items, stuff that looks like bells to me- thimbles, old broken vases, bullet casings…into actual bells.

Option A 
Option B

Bell one is incomplete, because I can’t decide if the knocker should be the butterfly — option A; or, option B– the tiny mirror (it would have to hang inside down, meaning two cherubs would be forever looking down- which seems wrong. But really, “up” and “down” are relative. 


Wha’cha think?

A- Butterfly

B- upside-down tiny mirror


Nasturtium in training

We have nasturtiums. Lots of them.

They are so bright and cheerful, I want more. But that will tip us quickly into the obscene amount of flowers. As it is we have more of the peppery morsels than we can just eat in salads and sandwiches.

A quick Google search and Voila!!!

Nasturtium vinegar coming right up!

I wonder if they make a tasty jelly?

hmmmm. Stay tuned!