Boxes on boxes on boxes…

I love being able to streamline living by using Amazon to buy things like trash bags, paper products ( Seriously.) More often than not, you can be more mindful about who to, what to, and where your money is going.

These days one of the ways you stake a claim is in HOW you spend.

But, I hate the overflow of boxes.

One way to help out with that is through Give Back Box (GBB) You can fill your Amazon boxes with stuff you want to donate. GBB will ship it to Goodwill for you.


So you can give back AND clear out your clutter. 😮

Win win.

Geared up for our mini-break!

Port-Townsend-Washington.jpgDouglas and I are taking off tomorrow for a mini-break in picturesque  Port Townsend, Washington (PT).  Port Townsend was the town we visited during our honeymoon (2016), when we first verbalized and conceptualized the idea of relocating to the Pacific Northwest.

This is a very much needed break for both of us, and we can not wait to get there and allow the unwinding to commence. This weekend is also the 7th Annual Brass Screw Confederacy’s Steampunk festival! I can’t imagine a more charming town to visit for such an event.  Good times and pictures are soon to follow.


Kestrel on the Kitsap…

Kestrel Communications has migrated from the Denver, Colorado region to the Pacific Northwest. Following a relocation and sabbatical in 2017, Douglas and Rebecca Cramer are now actively developing opportunities to be of service to the communities of the thriving Kitsap Peninsula in the West Puget Sound region of Washington, with wild woodsy Olympic National Park to the west and Seattle a ferry ride to the east…

Art input requested…

I am making “art bells” basically I am recycling found items, stuff that looks like bells to me- thimbles, old broken vases, bullet casings…into actual bells.

Option A 
Option B

Bell one is incomplete, because I can’t decide if the knocker should be the butterfly — option A; or, option B– the tiny mirror (it would have to hang inside down, meaning two cherubs would be forever looking down- which seems wrong. But really, “up” and “down” are relative. 


Wha’cha think?

A- Butterfly

B- upside-down tiny mirror


Nasturtium in training

We have nasturtiums. Lots of them.

They are so bright and cheerful, I want more. But that will tip us quickly into the obscene amount of flowers. As it is we have more of the peppery morsels than we can just eat in salads and sandwiches.

A quick Google search and Voila!!!

Nasturtium vinegar coming right up!

I wonder if they make a tasty jelly?

hmmmm. Stay tuned!

Anxiety or Panic? Bit’a both?!

People often interchange the terms panic attack and anxiety attack, and there is often overlap. But in diagnosis they are two separate things.

A panic attack is like a shark attack, comes outta nowhere. BOOM! Suddenly you find yourself huddling (or whisking you could) from ALL the slings and arrows.

Whereas, anxiety, builds. And builds…

Check it.

Beyond the Valley of the Shadow of Dolls

I inherited a bunch of dolls from my Mom and my Aunt. Of course when I was a wee lass I loved these dolls. I had some on them up in my room, others I was only allowed to play with when Aunt T was visiting. There are cloth ones, and ceramic, and other weird materials (I think one is paper mache…). So they are in boxes. I can’t bring myself to part with them to just sell them. I’m not really so much a display dolls decor, so I have decided to recycled them into my own art. I have been wanting to play with art dolls for a while- but I’d thought I would make the dolls. But now…. now I have a whole resource of dolls. 🙂


Is this thing on?


I’ve often regarded my blog like a neglected project car out in the yard. Draped with a tarp. You mean to get to it, but it seems to just slide out of sight and mind. Writing has been my hobby car. People like it when they see it, and comment on how you should do something more with it. But I’ve only ever really torn back the tarp on sunny days, and warm ones at that.  I’ve never before called myself a “writer.” When asked, I would say “I write.”  But more recently, the urgency to spend more time plugged in has become more, well, urgent.

It’s been a rough year plunked smack down into the middle of my third most wonderful years ever. And I wanna write about it. ANd I wanna write about trees, and poetry, and art, and astrology, and culture, and, and…and….ANDD!!!!!

So I’m a writer. It feels good to try it on like a big ol’fluffy sweater that you are so grateful for when the cool drops.

So come along, follow me. Let’s see where this goes. 🙂