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I recently entered one of those Facebook (FB) contests where you “like, share, comment…win!” things (more on those later) for Schmidt’s Deodorant, and was VERY SAD that I didn’t win. Because, if there is one thing I need it is a good, NON-TOXIC deodorant. There is a lot of controversy about whether on not the aluminium and parabens  in antiperspirant contribute to cancer (I personally, avoid parabens).   Despite evidence by the American Cancer Society and other reputable sources, that the levels in antiperspirant pose little danger, I still prefer to purchase products that contains the least amount of potential toxins as I can. We have no control over the errant chemicals, and carcinogens that we are exposed to everyday, so I try to be vigilant in what I choose to use in my home, on myself, and my son (and our cats too).
schmidts     Unfortunately,  stinkiness is just part of the human condition, if I lived in Europe I would worry less about being overly fragrant; however, here in the States,  B-O is a no-no. Moreover, my job is one that requires that I don’t stink. I am all up in peoples faces and personal space. No one wants a makeup artist that smells.  So, I have been using, once or twice a week, more standard antiperspirants (I don’t like not sweating, it is a natural process. We are supposed to sweat), against my better judgement.
But when I saw the Schmidt’s FB contest, I was very excited about trying something new, and I was just as disappointed when I didn’t win.   When I found it at my neighborhood Natural Grocer, I was more excited about buying deodorant than anyone should really be.  I bought a jar of Lavender and Sage at $8.95, it was a bit more than I would normally shell out for my pits. But I was so eager, I barely flinched at the cost.  The ingredients include shea butter, baking soda, arrowroot powder, cocoa seed butter, hops extract and essential oils. You could almost eat it in a pinch. (please don’t).
I brought my new wonder home, and immediately took it to my bathroom. It reminds me of old deodorants I recall my grandmother using. There is a tiny spatula in the jar for “scooping out a pea sized amount.” The instructions tell you to warm the paste between your fingers and smear in the offending space (underarms). I did just that. And the smell is so nice, I just kept sniffing. Fresh, and lavendery.
However, the real test came the next day… I had a full day of massages on my books in the hottest room in the spa – this was the perfect test kitchen.  I worked tirelessly through the day, occasionally sneaking a whiff, to check for offensive-odors. Nary a one. I made it thorough a full day (6 hours) of back to back massages (deep tissue), and my pits smelled as fresh as a French field at the end of the day. I was more than just a little pleased.
When I got home and showered, I skipped the application for the night. The next morn, I applied again and went off to work. Another day of massage, and I noticed that, while not overtly stinky, I was a tad more odoriferous than I had been the day before. I was vexed. What had happened? This day was not nearly as intense a work day. Why had my sage and lavender failed me?
On my way home (I know….FAR too much brain power spent on deodorant- but bear with me)- it dawned on me, I had not applied my Schmidt’s  immediately post shower. My underarms, had all night to begin fostering the stink. Eureka.  I got home, showered, slathered Schmidt’s, went about my evening; woke the next morn, reapplied, and BOOM! No stink, all day. Even thorough a heavy work day.
Our underarms play brooder for odor causing bacteria. The plant extracts, baking powder and essential oils, a clean base with which to work. As long as applied to a clean space, Schmidt’s works at least as well (I think better) than your most aluminum laded antiperspirant out there. And you can rest assured you are not putting something potentially toxic straight on your skin.

I HIGHLY recommend– two arms way up.

Schmidt’s is available online and at some retail locations.

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