Hey Fairy God-mother?!!!!!!

I’ve been busy . and kinda mopey and trying to get my brain to focus, be all insightful and witty, has been a challenge this week. But I was introduced to a new line of make-up last night and I thought, “HEY! I could start a wish list!” Stuff I want to try, or am intrigued by.. That works with my caveman brain, perfect.
Further, someday down the line, I would love to open a makeup boutique that allows people to experience lines they otherwise not have any exposure.
This complies a kinetic list of my dream collection.

Ellis Faas- Human Colours.ellis red
This line’s most popular item is the red lipstick (available in three textures) that mimics the color of human blood. The concept being that, those colors within are the most complementary to all skin tones.
I love, love, love the idea behind this line. I have never been able to experience any Ellis Faas products, but I can see a real need sometime in the near future.

Jeffery Star – Velour Liquid Lipstick
weirdo jeffery star

A friend on mine sent me a video of Jeffery Star mackin it up for the camera in this shade, Weirdo. I immediately started scouring the nets for this line and I was crushed to find that all the colors were sold out! (Looks like more arriving soon.) The colors are so saturated, and the finish is really yummy.  It is described as a “light-weight liquid to matte” finish. I am not usually crazy for matte lips, but something about these makes me want every color.

Oh. My. God. When i first saw the video for the Mink 3D cosmetics printer, it sent me into such a tailspin, I was talking about 3D printers and makeup, and colors at a maniacal pace for days.

Even now, just writing about it starts me buzzing. It is a 3D printer, that prints, wait for it,  makeup. Holy cheese-whiz! The program and print medium are set, you sample the color you want, tell the computer, and in a  very short time, you have your custom shadow or lipstick in hand ready to schmeer on yo’face.

TKB Tradingtkb

Not specifically a makeup line, it is a resource to buy ingredients and pigments to play at home chemist for any color and texture you can think of. I have a friend that makes beautiful cosmetics with stuff from TKB. I have not yet, placed an order, mainly because I get overwhelmed when I visit the site.

Stay tuned……..

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