I’m a RAW nerve.

Tomorrow night is my first showcase as a RAW artist. I have a mixed bag of emotions: Nerves, fear, excitement, anticipation, and the introvert in me really just kinda wants it to be over.
I’ve had a hard time envisioning exactly WHAT I am going to do on my four models. I know it will come together, it’s just makeup–It’s a very forgiving and fixable media.
I want to be able to fully express my abilities, and bring my craft to the people of Denver. I love being in charge of what the “look” will be- Production designer is my dream job. But for some reason, I drive into a brain fog when I think about this. I adore my models, I chose personal friends this (though one IS a model; another has experience; and the other two could be) because makeup and my creative process are very personal, and I wanted people around me that help me feel comfortable. I am a very nervous person at my core (I hide it well- I have perfected RBF), and being in the spotlight is difficult for me –though it is also something I simultaneously crave (?) – duality, man, it’s a bitch.
I’m not really sure WHY I am even writing this post, other than to share some of the professional angst tied into this.  It is a personal blog after-all.
Stay tuned.
Love and light.

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