…What big eyes you have…

I’ve been reading more and more about “big eyes” on the webs latelytwig9
–I’m never really sure if my eyes, are big or squinty?– although mine have definitely been puffy lately. So perhaps I am just programming myself to filter for eye-related articles…. at any rate, Allure is always a great stop…

I’m always a fan of cool teabags on weary peepers; but other ways to soothe your lids, one great option is cool spoons. Chill the a set of teaspoons in your fridge for at least an hour (don’t use the freezer..too cold). When they are cold (please, don’t freeze them), gently hold (don’t press*) the spoon under your eyes. And take a series of deep breaths…throw a glass of lemon water in there, and it’s like  mini spa day.

My eyes are so sensitive. I am having to accept the fact that I can’t wear particular brands, despite how beautiful I think they are, and how much I want to wear them. I count it as a sign of makeup-maturity.
le sigh.


  • Fun fact! Did you know your eyelid skin is thinner than a piece of paper?

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