Pan-Galactic give yourself a facial day!

at home facialBy the power vested in me, I am declaring today, officially Pan-Galactic give yourself a facial day!!! YAY!!!
In honor of that, here is a fantastic mask!

It is the perfect time of year to go get, or better-yet, give yourself a facial.  Stale heated air can sap your skin of moisture, and this can lead to a buildup of cell, causing skin to look dull.  You need a good scrubbin’, and a healthy dose of re-hydration!  Mario Badescu‘s handy how-to to the left, outlines the basics for any, professional, or DIY facial.

There countless things you can use in your pantry on your skin. A general rule, if you can eat it, it’s OK to put it on your skin. Obviously, even though you can eat some things they may not be the best thing to try (habanero mask anyone?), point is, you shouldn’t be afraid to be creative and look for at home options.

My hands-down, favorite exfoliate is organic un-bleached table sugar. Use a small milled (ground-up) sugar. (not the big rough square crystals).  I choose organic, unbleached, but regular white table sugar works well too. Sugar serves double duty in the scrubbing action: the acid in the sugar help to break the dead bonds up, and the works crystals slough them away.  After washing your face normally, mix about a teaspoon into your face wash and gently scrub. Then rinse well. I do this in the shower, on account of the sticky. Plus, the steam and heat from the shower helps to prep your skin for  a treatment mask. Mamabee has compiled a fantastic list of kitchen masks. Follow it all up with some good moisturization.

Take some time out for yourself, odds are you have at least a few things in your kitchen that would work great, cost nothing more what you already have, and make you feel like a million.  Dooo it!

Fun fact! Turmeric is really an amazing root.

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