Henna bomb

I went into the interwebs todaholiy to gather some interesting details on the culture of henna, and to find a smashing video to share, and I got smacked Holi  style with a desire to return to my Ayurvedic studies in more depth. I have been aware and a drug-store practitioner for probably over 20 years, but in terms of really delving into full practice and doing more study, it’s been  a few years.

Part of my education is in this blog. Yes, Dear Reader, I have lured you into my web of knowledge.  My Mission (working on it “officially”), has always included education in some manner. Before I digress too much, let’s steer back to where this article began, in looking for henna resources, I wanted to include a picture of Holi, a festival I very much hope to be a part of someday.

It is not accidental that most every culture has some sort of Vernal rebirthing celebration. It is in our bones to be drawn to a return of color.

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