Boxes on boxes on boxes…

I love being able to streamline living by using Amazon to buy things like trash bags, paper products ( Seriously.) More often than not, you can be more mindful about who to, what to, and where your money is going.

These days one of the ways you stake a claim is in HOW you spend.

But, I hate the overflow of boxes.

One way to help out with that is through Give Back Box (GBB) You can fill your Amazon boxes with stuff you want to donate. GBB will ship it to Goodwill for you.


So you can give back AND clear out your clutter. 😮

Win win.

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Rebecca Cramer, raised in Oklahoma City, OK, had her first job in design, layout, and printing of concert posters for artists like B.B, King, Bobby Blue Bland, and Wanda Jackson at her family’s offset and lithography business, Colorcraft Poster Company. Her career history includes editing and managing the review process for The American Ornithologists’ Union’s magazine The Auk, as well as teaching English at the secondary and post-secondary levels. In 2008 she completed a Master’s in Applied Linguistics (TESOL) at Oklahoma City University. One constant has been Becca’s love for the arts and her penchant for creating, and she approaches design and construction from an artist's perspective. She has worked such diverse media as silver-smithing, collage, and found-item art. She loves repurposing things others throw away into something useful and beautiful. Early on, Becca displayed a passion for makeup early, when at the age of two she broke into her grandmother’s lipstick stash and applied lipstick to herself, the vanity, and the walls. In June 2012, she moved to Denver to become a makeup artist. Under the name Becca Be, and Fetch, her work has appeared in several fashion publications, including Dark Beauty, Jute, and Kai’outi magazines. She has also worked with designers for Denver Fashion Week, and with ADCD’s Paper Fashion Show (both as artist, and Production Designer).

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