Making the “…crap into credible*”

I started making tiny shrines a few years ago. I have been a found item pack rack for a while, not a full on horder, mind you, I am very particular in what I salvage. Weathered nuts and bolts; odd bits of metal; springs; tiny things – cars, babies, doll parts…
These things are casts offs. Sometimes intentional, sometimes accidental but all things that were once part of something else. So I make them part of something  new, again.

This was my first shrine. I made it about four years ago.  It’s rough and my Mom thought it was a bit sacrilegious. The Baby Jesus came out of a King Cake from Mardi Gras one year.  Seems more so to just throw it away, in my opinion.

Initially, I intended my shrines to be a way of honoring other religions, recognizing the beauty and the sacred, present in even little cast off bits.
I have since reconsidered the project, and am calling them Petites Fenêtres or “little windows” it suits them better. They aren’t restricted in what they are trying to accomplish- which is simply to appreciate an alternative view.

*Edina Monsoon

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