A little light..

I am super stoked about this Little Window. I’ve been working on her for a long while. The little figure was something from my Aunt’s. She is hanging out in a bespoke shea butter tin. The moon is an antique carved shell button; the small frame was on an icon I picked up somewhere; and the rest is just craft fluff.

I’ve been mulling over and over what she was gonna look like. I thought seed beads rain drops. I knew I wanted a garden at night, in the rain. But she really just came together a few weeks ago. Once I split the moon, the rest just fell into place.

Think “I wandered lonely as a cloud” set in a moist rose garden. She is lost in her thoughts. It’s melancholy, intentionally.

I love how she turned out. I have a few more edits to make, but I am happy to introduce, Moondance, or maybe Mandy Moondance….?

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