Is your refrigerator running?

Back in the pre-caller ID days, prank calls were how many of us (especially those in less exciting places) used to entertain ourselves. Sadly, caller ID squelched that wholesome form of entertainment for good.

A few weeks ago, while looking in to insurance I accidentally signed on to one of those national BS calling lists, and now, I get scads of calls daily from these assholes (yes, they are assholes. Hold that thought on my judgement). I have blocked several numbers they call from. I’ve told them to take me off their lists. Yet, they still call. And yes, they are assholes. I have raged with several of them, and tried to be kind, stern, and firm, yet still their “policy” seems to be argue, and then hang up.

Today, I take back my phone line.

I have started calling THEM.

At first, it started as a “I’d like to speak with your manager/customer service/ can you give me the phone number to your customer service.” All of these requests are met with argument (“We don’t have a supervisor.”) and an eventual click.

So I’m going to start prank calling them.

In inspiration, here is a historical document for your hilarity. 

World’s Best Prank Calls.


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