Ferry life

Today is my first day as a member of the hair and makeup crew for the Seattle Opera. As we live on the opposite side of Puget Sound, getting to Seattle is either a two hour drive (unless there is traffic- in which case take on exponential sit in traffic time), or a 20 minute drive and a 30 minute drive on-ferry.

I love the ferry. And any chance I can get to be on a boat, I’m in. But until today, all our ferry excursions were mostly for fun. This time, is different. This time, I’m a commuter.

I feel a certain solidarity with the other commuters using this extra time to prepare for the day. Today, I ate my lunch (thanks honey!), painted my fingernails, and spied on the other ferry folk. It is pretty easy to diss out the tourists from the commuters. Tourists tend to dress, touristy; commuters tend to stay in their cars and use the time to their advantage (like, painting one’s nails!).

Seattle in the distance

I have had far worse commutes (Evergreen to Denver in the snow? No thanks!), this feels more like the spa equivalent of commuting. Quiet. Cool. Stunning views…

I think I could get used to this.

….six hours later….

Yeah, not too shabby a commute…Sunset over Olympic Mountains and Puget Sound

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