Fine lines

Happy almost October, dear Reader, my apologies for dropping the blog-ball so to speak. Been a very busy past few.  I am up and running, offering microblading and esthetics at Ryderville Ink! Woohoo!
I have some very awesome specials running through October…. So come see me!
Book online-  It will plug it right in to your own calendar! Technology makes life run smoother.  I am also adding a few more services in the next few months- including mehandi.  Be on the lookout.

I wanted to post up something a bit more tangible about what exactly is involved with and what the microblading procedure looks like. I have my own FAQ and Microblading: WTH?! article almost completed, but something visual is really helpful and this a great video. The music isn’t too weird. It is short and to the point. Not too much over-talk; she has a pleasant voice, and those brows are gorgeous.  So until I am brave enough to make my own video, check this out!

Microblading Process Step by Step by Laura Mranda at Brow House Beauty in San Antonio, Tx.

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