Bittersweet Anniversary

I made it through the day. I have spent the past year dreading today, but it passed on by, as they tend to do. I know my Momma would be so happy for us in our new lives here in the beautiful PNW! We truly feel like we have all three come home. And she would be so excited about my fledgling business. I can’t count the number of time I have wanted her input on something — a color here, this symbol there, that service, this idea. That never goes away, I hear, wanting Mom’s input.

And I’ve held back the tears until just now. There are blank places in my life where she (and my Dad) once inhabited. This has been an incredibly difficult year for me. But I feel like I have come through it more mature, probably a bit colder, definitely wiser; and most assuredly happy with whom and what I have become. I know she would be too.

Namaste Momma,I miss you.

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