Establishing a skin care routine


I wrote the below in December 2018 while I was about two months into search for a skin care line to offer at my esthetics studio. I have subsequently chosen a line I love and outline in my article, Why I chose Source Vital Apothecary , and they have a wonderful self directed downloadable “Create Your Own Skin Care Routine” that I will be integrating into my own services for my clients. But please, check it out!

December 2018- This is a great article from The New York Times about establishing a skin care regime. Good skin has a few no-compromise requirements: it must be clean; and it must have a good level of moisture. It is really that simple. Except when it’s not.

Thankfully, it isn’t rocket science either, and just knowing a few things about what sorts of products there are, how they work (on a very basic level); and when and how to use them can seem intimidating. Ms. Molvar does a great job laying out the basics in her article How to Build a Skin Care Routine. I would only add, to remember it takes 21 days of consistency to establish a new habit. With more treatment specific products, it can take 42 days before you see the products full effect on your skin. So patience, is essential.

If you don’t go for an in-depth system, the most vital steps steps are cleanse, moisturize and sunscreen.

Wash your face and Happy Holidays.

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