Skin Care: Why I chose Source Vitál Apothecary

Before I dive -product by product – into the lusciousness that is Source Vitál Apothecary, I first want to elaborate on what it is about this product line that made me choose it above all the others.  I had a set of criteria in choosing my line. It must be: natural; safe in terms of ingredients; botanical; sustainably and ethically manufactured; it must smell amazing and work well without any synthetics; and it needs to make me feel good when I use it. I looked through numerous lines. I spent about six months in research and trying different products from different lines; being disappointed by them. I was getting frustrated when stumbled on to the Source Vitál Apothecary’s website while Googling “home apothecary skincare”. Which states:

“Source Vital Apothecary takes the naturopathic approach to skin and body care. They combine seaweed and natural plant extracts, and the highest grade essential oils to formulate their extraordinary skin care, body care and aromatherapy line. Source Vitál hand-crafts their products in small batches to ensure freshness and effectiveness. These products feed your skin the nutritional elements it needs to reduce the visual signs of aging”

As I read through their About page; and some of the product descriptions, I knew that I had found my line. I called the next day and had a fist full of samples within a few more. I fell in love. Not only did the products fee and smell, incredible; they met my criteria straight on:

  • – Natural. I know this is a tricky word. This is sorta my own personal definition on what I identify as “natural” Source Vitál’s products rely on botanic, and naturally derived ingredients; as well as a healthy dose of essential oils. I am a “less- is-more” esthetician. I believe that more natural products, tends towards being more kind to skin, and the environment as a whole. While I recognize there are more clinical, and “active” lines that treat more aggressive skin conditions. I feel that the only difference in effectiveness between cosmeceutical brands and more “natural” brands is time. Engineered products work faster not better.
  • Free of toxic, or potentially toxic ingredients. No parabens; SLS; synthetics, pharmaceuticals, GMOs, phthalates, or other toxic ingredients
  • – Be botanically “based.” Again, I defined by my own paradigm of what a “botanical based” product is. Source Vitál products are formulated with mineral rich seaweed; whole plant botanical extracts, and 100% pure essential oils. I am going to write more about ingredients later. But the later two on that are enough to make my esthi-eyes sparkle. The inclusion of sea greens, mud, and minerals, feels almost like a bit of a dream to me. The products are also heavily infused with plankton and other vital sea greens; as well as salt. They say of themselves: The human body is made of the same elements found in nature. When we use elements derived from the earth and sea, our bodies can easily recognize and use these elements to nourish, rebuild and strengthen.”  Not strictly scientifically proven, but it has resonance. And my own experience has been that I feel better and look better when I stay more aligned with those same ideals.
  • Be from a sustainably organized and ethically run company. Source Vitál is a small batch manufacturer out of Houston, Texas that began as a small family owned and operated spa that branched out into the skin care business in 1989. While ingredients are sourced globally, the products are manufactured in the United States.
  • No animal testing.
  • Further, I also love the aesthetic and idea of an esthetics studio as an apothecary. I have always envisioned my spa to look like an Apothecary. Lots of jars of things, and bits, and goodies that can be combined and used in helpful ways. The Earth is our pharmacy. We can get everything we need from it directly.

So that is how I chose the line. It is a beautiful collection of products. I have been using it personally for over a month (another factor, I need to be able to love and use the line myself), and my skin looks better than it has in some time. I will be writing about each product as a way to introduce them, and also to help me learn more. Stop in sometime, and take a whiff, have mini scrub and fall in love with them too.

Coming soon: I love mud…

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