Good Mud

I have always been a mud skipper. It is as specialized as its regional geography; yet as universal as mother. Mud is Earth. Somehow, I knew that I would love Source Vitál’s Silt Scrub before I ever even felt its silky clay, or smelled its aromatic muddy bouquet. I just knew. Ya know?

Source Vital’s Silt Scrub is a “. . . gentle yet effective scrub made with natural Colloidal Freshwater Silt, Pumice from volcanic ash, Bentonite Clay and Cherry Seed Powder to give skin a renewed appearance. . . essential oils such as Geranium and Ho Wood, and botanical ingredients, such as Aloe Vera and Elder Flower” all working together to scrub away rough skin, while also infusing it with soothing, nourishing, and moisturizing botanicals.

This mask is safe for all skin types, and a few benefits of regular use include: “purification and protection from environmental grime that can lead to breakouts.”

The humic acid in the purified silt is a gentler alternative to harsher AHAs (Alypha Hydroxy acids) it works as both a chemical and a manual exfoliator to smooth the skin and help to clear out pores. The active nature of the scrub is further enhanced with the inclusion of lemon oil– which works to break up sebum and dead skin; as well as pumice, bentonite, and cherry seed powder, all of which are purifying and boost the scrub-ability.

Further ingredients work to sooth, moisturize and calm your skin post-scrub. Leaving it plumper, hydrated and nourished.  These include: aloe vera gel, geranium essential oil, ylang ylang essential oils and ho wood (aka camphor laurel) all of them working in concert to freshen and bring balance to your skin. Finally, elder flower extract, a powerful antioxidant, steps in to purify and prevent the appearance of acne; soothe inflammation; and go to work as a powerful antioxidant in prevention of the signs of aging.

When you open the bottle and take a sniff, the aroma is heavy with geranium and lemon (sniff-worthy by themselves), and the mud itself manages to be both gritty, and silky at the same time. Once smoothed on, it’s important to allow it to sit on the skin for a few minutes. During this there is a slight– not unpleasant– tingle (that “let’s you know it’s working”); this is the humic acid helping to “un-glue” your dead skin that is ready to be scrubbed off. After a gentle scrubbing, the mask washes away effortlessly, leaving toned, smoother, plump skin.  I have been using it myself for about two months, and between the fragrance, the silky mud, and the cool smooth after, Source Vitál’s Silt Scrub has replaced sugar as my favorite exfoliant.  I’m having a hard time not becoming a fanatic about it. Stop on by and have a facial and you too will become super mad for good mud!

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