Fetch Creative

Fetch Creative has been a creative a outlet and corral for all aspects of the creative process that I involve myself with: found, repurchased, and recycled art, jewelry and housewares; aesthetics and the beauty industry; education and knowledge as a whole; and the pursuit of all of the above.
When I  stop and look at what I have to offer and in what direction I wanted to drive my own business, and my life: art, beauty,  and creation of such are the constants. I have been fabricating, designing, and creating as far back as I can recall; and learning about and teaching them just as long.
I never considered myself an “artist” or a “writer” until recently, because I was never able to settle into a particular media. I love all aspects of creating. So it seems only natural, that I should find a way to weave all of these into one cohesive endeavor rather than try to settle on one form.
Fetch, it’s so happening.



Most of my art is made from found bits, nuts and bolts, odd bits of metal; rocks, sticks; shells; flotsam. From these things I like to make jewelry, and things for home.
I make small window box panoramas out of recycled and found materials. They are like tiney shrines, bits of cast off detritus, but showing that even these bits of “trash” can be beautiful. Furthermore, it is a statement on our disposable culture.

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My first job was paste up and graphic design at my families Print company Colorcraft Poster Company, in Oklahoma City.  Ever since, I have enjoyed the nerd-tastic art of laying out brochures; or schedules; logos; websites; programs… it’s been a hobby for me, really.

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