“Each of us finds his unique vehicle for sharing with others…”                                                                                                                                  -Ram Dass

Dāna is defined as “the practice of cultivating generosity. It can take the form of giving to an individual in distress or need. It can also take the form of philanthropic public projects that empower and help many.”

One of the self evident truths across the different beliefs on our tiny round planet, is the importance of the practice of charity.  This is a very important aspect of my own practice as a Buddhist, and as I’ve pondered how I can best help to share the wealth a bit more. One way is to  use my social media as a platform to bring awareness by feature a non-profit or Non-government Organization (NGO) that I  donate 5% of my net profits from the month (from 15th to 15th).

October 2018 – 
project beauty share logoProject Beauty Share: Collects personal hygiene, cosmetics and beauty products and distributes them through non profit organizations who serve women and families overcoming abuse, addiction, homelessness and poverty.